all this time I've journeyed without knowing it:

if i'
m honest i'
d have to say i
liked the (t)raining more than the
indifferent about
only interested in the quality of the work
it's a curse
that's stayed with me
my one boredom i
guess it's why i
so seldom indulge it
& walk away as soon as i
feel its hot


the walking man said...

I honestly love these words of yours here H.

The duality given over in the upper portion caused by the curious line breaks and ( ) just wonderfully written.

The latter portion so true for me as well, it is the writing and the moving off not the "business" end of the writing, just the writing.

Harlequin said...

WM--- thanks for your comments... this was a fun thing to write...
there was a " felt " quality about it while I was working on it

Derliwall said...

I certainly liked the training more than the games. The games were always over so fast. Most people don't see the depth revealed in the show. Rarely is the effort that goes into the work (the true commitment) really seen.

Thanks for this piece Harlequin.

Jon said...

What I like about these words is the pace...

Hits you again and again...


Harlequin said...

Jon and Derliwal-- thanks for the comments... the pace and breaks and feel of this are somewhat of themselves.... I felt myself getting out of the way... and I often feel like that in my best training bouts...

loved the set me on fire piece..
posting here a little further on...

hope all is proceeding well...