what love can do...


از محبت تلخ ها شيرين شـــــود ....... از محبت مسّ ها زرّين شــــــود
از محبت دردها صافي شــــــود ....... وز محبت دردها شافي شــــــود
از محبت خارها گل مي شـــــود ....... وز محبت، سركه ها مُل مي شــود
از محبت، سجن گلشن مي شــود ........ بي محبت، روضه، گلخن مي شـود
از محبت، نار، نوري مي شـــــود ....... وز محبت ديو حوري مي شــــود
از محبت، سنگ، روغن مي شــود ....... بي محبت، موم، آهن مي شــــود
از محبت، حزن، شادي مي شــود ....... وز محبت، غول، هادي مي شــود
از محبت، نيش، نوشي مي شـــود ........ وز محبت، شير موشي مي شـــود
از محبت، سقم، صحّت مي شــود ........ وز محبت، قهر، رحمت مي شــود
از محبت، مرده زنده مي شـــــود ......... وز محبت، شاه بنده مي شـــــود
ايــن محبت هم نتيجه دانش است ........ كــي گزافه بر چنين تختي نشست
مولانا جلال الدین رومی

"the topographical and anatomical information in particular is lost on me."

"the topographical and anatomical information in particular is lost on me."
"however," holmes continued
"everything will be revealed

tonight will tell the tale
our friend mr wells will join us
perhaps nayland smith as well
of course watson your input will be welcome as well"
"good heavens holmes i should hope so
remember the muddle we had before
all because we consulted mr wells
perfectly ridiculous to bring him on board again if you ask me."
holmes smiled
"i expect sharp insights from mr wells.
count on it, watson - "
a sharp rap on the door interrupted him
"lestrade, no doubt"

"at your service, mr holmes
no change in plans i take it
devil take it if i understand the plans though."

"ah, lestrade
never fear
all will be revealed in good time
the night will bring surprises
of course all nights bring surprises
maybe tonight's will be exceptional.
in any case
clear your mind of preconceived ideas
as of course one always should."
lestrade nodded

'i have invited mr wells to join us
nayland smith as well
for his particular expertise
opium is not my strongest subject
relying on cocaine as i do"
"mr holmes if i may say so - "
"ah, here are mr wells and mr nayland smith now
too good of you to come gentlemen
i trust we will have good sport tonight -
oh excuse me i haven't this gentleman's acquaintance -"
nayland smith nodded pleasantly

"i have the pleasure of introducing mr lee."
nothing in holmes demeanor showed surprise

"poppy lee, i believe -
alias - dr fu manchu!"
"really holmes this is outrageous
this man is our guest - "
"i understand the laws of hospitality as well as the next briton, watson
curtail your outrage
under the blotter on my desk you will find a
letter addressed to
"all mankind and particularly queen victoria and sherlock holmes"
received in the mail this morning

"is this some sort of joke?"
spluttered wells and nayland smith simultaneously

"little is to be gained by preconception, gentlemen
observation must carry the day
sorry to have used you as foils but
the fate of mankind was at stake.'

"oh so i was being duped again. eh?"
"never fear, mr wells, your time will come."

"my word holmes," exclaimed watson
"everything is back to normal"

i'm looking for my mother to kill her

"i'm looking for my mother to kill her"
"my, my." said sherlock holmes, "that sounds a bit extreme."

lestrade looked on quietly
on one hand he approved of holmes method
on the other he was shocked
killing was serious business
in his opinion words meant something
newer views were taking hold
gentlemen in positions of influence

forwarded theories
on the irrelevance of language
refuting centuries of received wisdom

moll johnson the pickpocket
youthfully snarling and insouciant

made eye contact with lestrade
on a nod from holmes
tom jubb the constable
hustled poor moll away
"elementary, my dear lestrade," holmes explicated
"remnants of prehistory

tumble through the child's brain
obviously irrelevant

interesting however -
let us take a walk"
leaving the docks behind

holmes and the worthy inspector
entered a broad thoroughfare
reminding lestrade of a battlefield in the punjab

it's not to me...it's not of me

three horsemen
riding wild realities
making their way
through mundane worlds
on a bus with others as strange and wonderful
as they
listen (ing) ( ?)
and wonder ( ing) ( ?)
no matter ( what)
pounding hooves
are balm enough
against the pain of exquisite lonely


(either) time passes (or)
it stands still (either)
a plague will come
(or) it won't

(either) I will listen
behold mid-winter drowning
(or) misery loves
the patience of water
carving through stone

(either) sharpness comes without effort
(or) the strongest blade is made without steel
(or) I'd throw it all away for a chance at the title
(or) I was diseased
(or) it tasted like salt water
(or) I stopped struggling

(either) I am blind (or) I can see
(or) is that only the dripping I hear
on the outside of my skull
boring a canyon through my memory (or)
my time

(either) there will be sea lions
(or) there won't be


time passes
it stands still

coffee is (both) bitter
(and) sweet
aftertaste of memory
of what's best left unsaid

more it tastes like chlorophyll
(and) chewing dollar bills (both)
for pleasure (and)
for torture (and)
for profit

jay (and) kirk

sam (and) ahab

worm (and) unnamable

(both) faces of the same coin
(both) sides of the same clam shell
with no currency
(and) no metal
than the grinds chewed over
(and) a pearl in the mind

where are the others?

where are the others?
henry harris woke up on his park bench
earlier that evening, when he had fallen asleep, the park was filled with people
rick rogers, the sheriff, had allowed him to sleep on the bench
everyone in town had been celebrating the great victory over the powers of darkness

armageddon had come and gone
remembering it brought tears to henry's eyes
ecstasy had been the order off the day

the whole town now seemed deserted
henry walked away from his bench
expecting to find the rest of the townsfolk around the corner

on a telephone pole a sign was attached
"the joke is on you" it read
henry rubbed his eyes
every cell in his brain throbbed
rick rogers and the rest of the townsfolk had seemed like good people
so what had happened?

Let us go on as if I were the only one in the world (whereas I'm the only one absent from it).

"I should have liked to go silent first. There were moments I thought that would be my reward for having spoken so long and so valiantly: to enter living into silence. So as to be able to enjoy it? No, I don't know why. So as to feel myself silent? One with all this quiet air shattered unceasingly by my voice alone? (No, it's not real air.) I can't say it. I can't say why I should have liked to be silent a little before being dead. So as in the end to be a little as I always was and never could be? Without fear of worse to come peacefully in the place where I always was and could never rest in peace? No, I don't know. It's simpler than that. I wanted myself, in my own land for a brief space. I didn't want to die a stranger in the midst of strangers (a stranger in my own midst), surrounded by invaders."

talking without ceasing, thirstier than ever

talking without ceasing, thirstier than ever
ahab sat in the lifeboat
low on the horizon the sun disappeared
kissing the water with flame
i told you so said billy
nothing good could come of this
good is not my word, ahab replied

when darkness fell
incandescent sharks appeared
they laughed at ahab billy and the others
harry smith the cook
opened his mouth to catch the rain
unfortunately there was none
there was no wind either

confidence ebbed
eternity beckoned
ahab kept talking
serenading the waves
in which the sharks laughed
never mind said billy
glory awaits us

tornados of words
hurricaned out of ahabs mouth
in the moonlit foam
restlessly tumbling
sam brown the boatswain
took heed of heaven
in a single fleck
everything was

the whole crew looked to heaven
hoping for salvation
ahab kept talking
now and on earth

endless words
endless words
reverberating forever

"No more stories from this day forth"

**This post is from an email I received from Timmy. Thanks so much for participating in this project.

no more stories from this day forth
on the other hand stories are deeply satisfying

my first story was about a murderer
oh how he fooled me
remembering it brings a smile
emptiness is filled

so, doctor, you did it yourself
the truth sets us all free
on the other hand you are cursed forever
repeating your crime is impossible
i have to move on
evidence is never enough
surprise is everything

fred was my new friend
reality was his deck of cards
out of the deck he pulled more stories
magnificent stories

the universe was his green felt table
how he made it spin!
i was entranced
so i gave up real life

detectives outlaws swordsmen
androids aliens vampires time travel
youth forever

fred was only the first
on his heels came mickey, edgar, big bill, jack, jim
raymond, herbert, howard, clark and two-gun bob
time stood still
how did it ever disintegrate?

their attitude toward me has not changed

**This post is from an email I received from Christopher at the Northern Wall (who I hope will forgive me for taking some time to put up his post). Here is his poem:


their attitude toward me has not changed

But I have changed, yes
changed so long ago, my bones
rattle loose in me
and take me along
for night rides, caught unawares
until I'm too high
to now call a halt.

Consider my shaky verse
as cries for release,
as arguments. God
knows I argue, keeps silent
as I continue.


**Christopher also said in his email:

"My connection to this is Waiting For Godot. I once had an orange marmalade cat named Godot because we waited an extra long time for him to arrive. He was the Best Cat In The World."

Thanks again for this Christopher. I have a link to a site you may like on Godot (but not quite cats;)

Waiting for Godot by the Guinea Pig Theater