"No more stories from this day forth"

**This post is from an email I received from Timmy. Thanks so much for participating in this project.

no more stories from this day forth
on the other hand stories are deeply satisfying

my first story was about a murderer
oh how he fooled me
remembering it brings a smile
emptiness is filled

so, doctor, you did it yourself
the truth sets us all free
on the other hand you are cursed forever
repeating your crime is impossible
i have to move on
evidence is never enough
surprise is everything

fred was my new friend
reality was his deck of cards
out of the deck he pulled more stories
magnificent stories

the universe was his green felt table
how he made it spin!
i was entranced
so i gave up real life

detectives outlaws swordsmen
androids aliens vampires time travel
youth forever

fred was only the first
on his heels came mickey, edgar, big bill, jack, jim
raymond, herbert, howard, clark and two-gun bob
time stood still
how did it ever disintegrate?


Derliwall said...

Timmy--you sew together interesting images: the deck of cards, the green felt table, even the disintegration at the end....very nice.

the precarious castle of cards inevitably...falls

thanks for this :)

human being said...


when virtual becomes a reality...

and i wonder if the ending line is a rhetorical question...

those chains of names had a strange thematic effect on me...

Beckett is present here repeating once again that stories never end...

timmy said...

thanks for the comments ... i look forward to posting more on this site ... i really like the concept

Harlequin said...

I like the subtle list of outlaws you have given me, here, these time travelers... lovely code and a nice reading experience

Fern said...

your name, 'timmy' ha! simple with a ring of naivety and then this! This amazing piece of work. phew.
its good to wake up to words like this.
funny thing about words.
and names.
and people.
and all of it.