time passes
it stands still

coffee is (both) bitter
(and) sweet
aftertaste of memory
of what's best left unsaid

more it tastes like chlorophyll
(and) chewing dollar bills (both)
for pleasure (and)
for torture (and)
for profit

jay (and) kirk

sam (and) ahab

worm (and) unnamable

(both) faces of the same coin
(both) sides of the same clam shell
with no currency
(and) no metal
than the grinds chewed over
(and) a pearl in the mind


Jon said...

These two posts (either/or and both/and) are still a bit rough. I liked the concept and thought I'd try it out.

I was interested to find out while there are MANY instances of the words EITHER and OR (and of course lots of AND) there are only 3 instances of the word BOTH in the segment of the text. I wonder what that says to those who argue that Beckett is not a modernist?

human being said...

who is playing with the words?
that is the question!

what are the the thoughts we want to put in these vessesl...

we can write sentences with either/or but kill the choice...

we can write sentences with both/and but kill the unity...

who is behind the words?
what thoughts?

words are sacred as they are the only vessels we have to shape our abstract thoughts...

but they can ruin too
they can kill
they can make wars
they can put an end to the world...

who is behind the words...
what thoughts?

both of the works here are great examples... of how...

a seeker of light can sculpt beautiful thoughts with words we can find everywhre...


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