their attitude toward me has not changed

**This post is from an email I received from Christopher at the Northern Wall (who I hope will forgive me for taking some time to put up his post). Here is his poem:


their attitude toward me has not changed

But I have changed, yes
changed so long ago, my bones
rattle loose in me
and take me along
for night rides, caught unawares
until I'm too high
to now call a halt.

Consider my shaky verse
as cries for release,
as arguments. God
knows I argue, keeps silent
as I continue.


**Christopher also said in his email:

"My connection to this is Waiting For Godot. I once had an orange marmalade cat named Godot because we waited an extra long time for him to arrive. He was the Best Cat In The World."

Thanks again for this Christopher. I have a link to a site you may like on Godot (but not quite cats;)

Waiting for Godot by the Guinea Pig Theater


Derliwall said...

Thanks Christopher for this poem. I like the pace of it; it does have a shakiness to it. I especially like the line "my bones/rattle loose in me/and take me along." Very telling and powerful.

human being said...

i'd like to repeat Derliwall's words about the pace... that shakiness...

and also what strikes me is how the image of this metamorphosis is subtly painted...

i can feel the wings... the flight... beautiful!