it's not to's not of me

three horsemen
riding wild realities
making their way
through mundane worlds
on a bus with others as strange and wonderful
as they
listen (ing) ( ?)
and wonder ( ing) ( ?)
no matter ( what)
pounding hooves
are balm enough
against the pain of exquisite lonely

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Harlequin said...

well... I am having a huge memory lapse about sequence of connecting to the Beckett text in Exteriority...sorry about that... I will keep at it, but for the past 30 minutes or so I am wrapping myself in a circle and it has ceased to be a blissful meander into experiential learning.
I also have a post at my own blog related to this one here (Apocalypse) and will be working on linking to that as well... the menopausal brain is a scary thing; and I say that ( both ) in humour and in not a little bit of fright, in this moment anyway