"the topographical and anatomical information in particular is lost on me."

"the topographical and anatomical information in particular is lost on me."
"however," holmes continued
"everything will be revealed

tonight will tell the tale
our friend mr wells will join us
perhaps nayland smith as well
of course watson your input will be welcome as well"
"good heavens holmes i should hope so
remember the muddle we had before
all because we consulted mr wells
perfectly ridiculous to bring him on board again if you ask me."
holmes smiled
"i expect sharp insights from mr wells.
count on it, watson - "
a sharp rap on the door interrupted him
"lestrade, no doubt"

"at your service, mr holmes
no change in plans i take it
devil take it if i understand the plans though."

"ah, lestrade
never fear
all will be revealed in good time
the night will bring surprises
of course all nights bring surprises
maybe tonight's will be exceptional.
in any case
clear your mind of preconceived ideas
as of course one always should."
lestrade nodded

'i have invited mr wells to join us
nayland smith as well
for his particular expertise
opium is not my strongest subject
relying on cocaine as i do"
"mr holmes if i may say so - "
"ah, here are mr wells and mr nayland smith now
too good of you to come gentlemen
i trust we will have good sport tonight -
oh excuse me i haven't this gentleman's acquaintance -"
nayland smith nodded pleasantly

"i have the pleasure of introducing mr lee."
nothing in holmes demeanor showed surprise

"poppy lee, i believe -
alias - dr fu manchu!"
"really holmes this is outrageous
this man is our guest - "
"i understand the laws of hospitality as well as the next briton, watson
curtail your outrage
under the blotter on my desk you will find a
letter addressed to
"all mankind and particularly queen victoria and sherlock holmes"
received in the mail this morning

"is this some sort of joke?"
spluttered wells and nayland smith simultaneously

"little is to be gained by preconception, gentlemen
observation must carry the day
sorry to have used you as foils but
the fate of mankind was at stake.'

"oh so i was being duped again. eh?"
"never fear, mr wells, your time will come."

"my word holmes," exclaimed watson
"everything is back to normal"

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Harlequin said...

this is quite twisty and wonderful... snafu??

and sooo very holmesian ( and beckettish...almost sounds like a treat one could have with tea); nice touch on the opium