All is Over -- Autumn Floods

"The Way is without beginning or end,
but things have their life and death--
you cannot rely upon their fulfillment.
One moment empty, the next moment full--
you cannot depend upon their form.
The years cannot be held off;
time cannot be stopped.
Decay, growth, fullness, and emptiness end and then begin again...
The life of things is a gallop, a headlong dash--
with every movement they alter, with every moment they shift.
What should you do
and what should you not do?
Everything will change of itself, that is certain!"

(Chuang-Tzu ch.17)


human being said...

this Chuang-Tzu must have been my teacher in one of my lives...
or my pupil?
or me?
"everything will change of itself, that is certain!"

Derliwall said...

His taoist philosophy really resonates with me too.

Embracing the constancy and inevitability of becoming...

...of transformation...

Fern said...


human being said...

and these beautiful quantum entanglements!