in your long dream there's a place for the waking

when I got to the cafe I was soaked
the police car pulled up behind me and I asked the two cops what they'd like in their coffee
both of them said black
this was either before or after they shot me
I don't remember
my memory is a bit vague
the night before I'd had a very strange dream and it clouded my thoughts that day
it was twilight and I was standing on a stony beach at the ocean
beneath a cliff face looking down the length of the strand

there were three bonfires
equal distances apart above the high water mark

I began to walk towards the nearest
sound of the gull
chatter of beach rocks in the tide


Derliwall said...

I find it interesting how such a nonchalant statement ("this was either before or after they shot me") can be so logically problematic, if our eyes don't just glide over it (as mine just did...).

It brings up questions about the narrator...the temporal sequence...when/where/how is the narrator narrating...does that even matter?

The shooting becomes the liminal moment, the defining moment straddling the before and after...yet it is is lost and yet disclosed simultaneously... the narrator remembers being shot...

Logic jumbles everything.

human being said...

Derliwall... you rock!