I'll say he's I

"Because I love you absolutely, I, myself, am no longer absolute. Recognizing you gives me measure.
...Contemplating each other , we do not lose either the night or the light. Each can leave to the other his or her own life: sun, moon, stars. Being faithful to you requires being faithful to me. Does existing not mean offering you an opportunity to become yourself? 

"Not to bind myself to nothingness but to leave within me a ready place. Is it not perhaps the welcoming of the other which safeguards this clearing? Is it not this which permits respect and generation, which encourages becoming, birth and rebirth? Desired opening. Gathering within a chaste intention."

--Luce Irigaray (To be Two pg. 15)


human being said...

"...to become yourself..."


Harlequin said...

we do not lose either the night or the light... this hovering and swaying....sets up the abyss of the later post... nice zone you are in...