I am what I am

not what I was before

not writing poetry and lofty lines like someone is ever going to read them, or using the comma or spacing for full stops

I am what I am

I left my home many times and wandered this land

no clue where I'd come from

turning in the crisp air and around that highway through Rockie Mountain House

or was it scrawled on the door of a toilet in Dublin or was it

left unsaid

I am what I am

a grain in a sea of sand

hand in hand and had

I am what was left over from a rhyme about revolution and the way that things could be if there wasn't a Geneva Convention and the protection of prisoners and all that bollocks

where the high water mark shows on the strand

I am what I am


human being said...

It's a lie... a big one!

Harlequin said...

you always had a clue...
more than a watermark and less
than a grain
fires burn
violins play
violins burn
fires play
you move between the fire and the flame

Jon said...