Some slight obscurity there


Maggie said...

that's a beautiful image jon

Fern said...

beautiful. yes.
makes me wish I was inch tall.

human being said...

some slight obscurity there...

and i wonder what i need...
more light?
more scrutiny here?

Hopper said...


a gray dawn
scent of skunk
lingering like towels
in the corner
crumple dried
from the day that you fell
tearing down the curtain
from the shower
to the floor

looked up
saw bamboo

saw that all my dreams had come together

on one day
a gray dawn

human being said...

so beautifully muddy!

Harlequin said...

if I were something
that wanted expressing
this grey dawn is a where
where I would dwell...or wait ...or hide
hoping for someone
who must say words as long as there are any
until they find me
until they say me...

perhaps aubade is an elegy to such longing

perhaps this image is holding my heart because I know what it feels like to be found...
and what it feels like to want to be..

gorgeous work ... with image and words...these are gifts I will never forget...

Derliwall said...

I live for obscurity....

No matter where I go, my thoughts lay in the obscure...